D.A.R.E. Marriage Mentoring

Imagine healthy couples in your church mediating with other couples,
helping them resolve their issues in a LOVING and RESPECTFUL way over a 10-week period!

Dare to be Different is training mentors all over the world, equipping and empowering them to help other couples in need.

1. D.A.R.E. Marriage Mentoring is for both pre-marital preparation and couples in crisis
    Churches can use it for both, or just for couples in crisis if they like their pre-marital curriculum.

2. Train Mentors, then get them busy and keep them busy
    We train church leadership how to recruit couples to “sign up” to get mentored.

3. Couple’s Diagnostic Tool
    A diagnostic survey is used to discover strengths and weaknesses in a relationship.

4. Mediation Method
    A baseball diamond method of helping mentors mediate with any couple, any issue, anytime.

5. Scripture References
    Scripture reference guide topically designed based on marriage and family conflict.

6. Getting to Core Sin
    A tool that discovers core sin, then requires acknowledgment and repentance.


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What does D.A.R.E. stand for? 


What makes D.A.R.E. so different?

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