About Us

About Us

Discover a couple who “dared to be different”, leaving their corporate careers in engineering and nursing to strengthen marriages across the nation. Matt and Pam Loehr are the founders of Dare to be Different, Inc., a nonprofit organization that focuses on strengthening families by empowering marriages. Matt and his wife Pam have been involved in many different ministries throughout the years which give them a unique blend of insight and wisdom that touch people of all ages. Matt’s previous involvement in leading a single’s ministry, ministering to sexually abused boys, combined with Pam’s wise counsel and passion to protect, build and strengthen marriages make them powerful advocates for healthy marriages in this country. Their extensive training through programs such as PREP, FOCCUS, Biblical Portrait of a Marriage and Dynamic Communication Workshop have equipped them to be very effective Trainers and Mentors. They have trained thousands of people across the nation how to become marriage mentors and spent hundreds of hours mentoring couples themselves.


Mission Statement:

To strengthen families by building strong Christ-centered marriages that glorify God through marriage mentoring.


What We Believe:

We view marriage as a lifelong union/relationship between a man and a woman as husband and wife. We believe that the bedrock of the family begins with the relationship between the husband and the wife. When the marriage relationship is healthy, the family is healthy. We believe that all people can change and most marriages can thrive when they apply healthy principles and faithfully use practical tools.

Legal Notes: The Dare to be Different name is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. All logos used must be pre-approved by Dare to be Different.

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