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Service and Support


Start-Up & Maintenance Assistance:

During the final stages of installation we inspect each loop.  Our team of engineers and technicians are on-site for installation, debugging equipment, start-up and production ramp-up and we make it a point to not leave until your maintenance staff in the plant are comfortable with the our custom system.  After start-up, RWD is always available 24 hours a day with support.


Service Support And Emergency Call-Ins:

We stand behind our work, but we do understand that equipment breaks down any time, day or night, and weekends. That is why we have an experienced team of field engineers who are ready to provide our customers with the highest quality of engineering and maintenance services whenever the need arises.


Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service:

We offer an PM Service to meet our customer’s long term needs. We understand that you are in this for the long term.  We will gladly set up a comprehensive PM program to insure your equipment is highly maintained and always ready for production. Our experienced PM teams are available during the off-production shifts and during the weekends to perform the scheduled maintenance required. This type of flexible work capability by our personnel saves you time and  money. It also drastically increases your production up-time!