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Vision Programming


Vision Programming:

RWD Machine and Engineering Inc.  will guide you step by step through the design, development and installation of automated inspection systems. Using the latest technologies we can develop vision systems that can inspect 100% of all the products being produced.

Product quality is more important that ever. Human inspection of every product is often impractical, because of speed of production. Human inspection can also be very costly, and the result is not always consistent.

Machine vision solves these problems; inspections are performed quickly and reliably. Information from the inspections can be used to reject parts, take corrective action and display information to operators. Inspection information can be recorded for further use by your organization.

Vision systems can be integrated to your control system’s PLCs, HMIs, Quality systems, databases or business systems.

Some of the inspections, which can be accomplished include:

1. Absent / Present
2. Color verification
3. Fill level verification
4. Flaw detection
5. Location
6. Measurements
7. OCR/Barcode verification
8. Orientation
9. Package/Label verification
10. Robot guidance
11. Sorting