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SCADA / HMI (Human Machine Interface) Development:

Designing Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) is becoming a significant challenge for designers. Embedded devices are shrinking in size, making it difficult to develop useful and intuitive HMIs with the right combinations of features in a short time-to-market window.  what RWD Machine and Engineering Inc. realizes that it needs to be simple to operate, and extremely reliable. Those two things are a must have for every control system. Our experts will use the latest HMI packages to design the interface that’s right for your plant.  We strive for easy to use graphics to advanced features such as data logging and trending, batching and production reporting,  RWD Machine and Engineering Inc. will provide a control system that will make your plant easier to operate, control and monitor.

We have development experience with the following HMI manufacturers and their software packages, such as:

1. Allen Bradley ControlView
2. Allen Bradley PanelView
3. Indusoft
4. Intellution iFix
5. Invensys Wonderware
6. Proface
7. Rockwell Software RSView32, RSView SE, RSView ME
8. TCP
9.  USData FactoryLink
10. WonderWare