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Software Development


RWD Machine and Engineering Inc. is designed from the ground up to be a total systems integrator with the ability to automate all your equipment, collect accurate data from your operations, provide reporting of that data, and provide interface with your business system to give extreme control and accuracy of your product. Our team of systems analysts, control engineers, technicians, and project managers work closely with you to determine the most innovative and solution that meets the exact needs of your plant.


PLC Programming:

RWD Machine and Engineering Inc.  has had many years experience in designing a customized PLC solution to meet your automation needs. Our team of engineers and technicians work closely with you to incorporate the latest technology in your plant’s control system. We can either retain commonality with your existing control system or start from the ground up with a completely new system.

We have years of programming experience with several PLC manufacturers and their processor families:

1. Allen Bradley
2. GE Fanuc
3. Mitsubishi4. Modicon
5. Omron
6. Siemens



SCADA / HMI (Human Machine Interface) Development:

Designing Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) is becoming a significant challenge for designers. Embedded devices are shrinking in size, making it difficult to develop useful and intuitive HMIs with the right combinations of features in a short time-to-market window.  what RWD Machine and Engineering Inc. realizes that it needs to be simple to operate, and extremely reliable. Those two things are a must have for every control system. Our experts will use the latest HMI packages to design the interface that’s right for your plant.  We strive for easy to use graphics to advanced features such as data logging and trending, batching and production reporting,  RWD Machine and Engineering Inc. will provide a control system that will make your plant easier to operate, control and monitor.

We have development experience with the following HMI manufacturers and their software packages, such as:

1. Allen Bradley ControlView
2. Allen Bradley PanelView
3. Indusoft
4. Intellution iFix
5. Invensys Wonderware
6. Proface
7. Rockwell Software RSView32, RSView SE, RSView ME
8. TCP
9.  USData FactoryLink
10. WonderWare


Vision Programming:

RWD Machine and Engineering Inc.  will guide you step by step through the design, development and installation of automated inspection systems. Using the latest technologies we can develop vision systems that can inspect 100% of all the products being produced.

Product quality is more important that ever. Human inspection of every product is often impractical, because of speed of production. Human inspection can also be very costly, and the result is not always consistent.

Machine vision solves these problems; inspections are performed quickly and reliably. Information from the inspections can be used to reject parts, take corrective action and display information to operators. Inspection information can be recorded for further use by your organization.

Vision systems can be integrated to your control system’s PLCs, HMIs, Quality systems, databases or business systems.

Some of the inspections, which can be accomplished include:

1. Absent / Present
2. Color verification
3. Fill level verification
4. Flaw detection
5. Location
6. Measurements
7. OCR/Barcode verification
8. Orientation
9. Package/Label verification
10. Robot guidance
11. Sorting


Robot Programming:

At RWD Machine and Engineering Inc., we have years of combined experience with a very wide variety of robotic systems and applications. We have provided robotic solutions for many types of industrial applications, such as: boxing, palletizing, welding, component insertion, gauging, cutting, storage/retrieval, inspections, dispensing, etc…. Our engineers have the hands on experience to assure a smooth transition from concept to production. We can supply programming services or complete robot cell integration.  Need vision to work with your robot? We have the experience.


We have programming experience with a multitude of robot manufacturers and their software packages, such as:

1. ABB 2. Adept
3. Epson
4. Fanuc
5. Hirata
6. Kawasaki
7. Motoman
8. Sony

9. Yamaha


Servo / Drives Programming:

At RWD Machine and Engineering Inc., we know that motion control is a very important part of most projects. That is why we offer a full range of services such as: brushless AC servos, digital amplifiers, linear motors, direct drive motors, and servo gear motors which provide high performance motion control to meet our customer’s needs.

Whether you need speed, power and/or positional accuracy, we can meet your requirement with our experience and vendor affiliations. Call us today and let us assist you with a solid low cost solution.


We have programming experience with a many of the servo / drive manufacturers and their software packages, such as:

1. Allen-Bradley
2. Compumotor
3. Emerson
4. Hirata
5. Mitsubishi
6. Omron
7. Siemens
8. Toshiba
9. Yaskawa